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Application for ARES ESG AWARD 2023

Applications will open for the ARES ESG AWARD 2023.

ARES ESG Award is a program that recognizes J-REITs to boost the ESG initiatives by J-REITs and appeal the initiatives to the investors, etc.

Eligible applicants

*Self-nomination/recommendation (both the recommended entity/recommending entity) shall be made by J-REITs.

Application deadline
September 29, 2023
Application Method and Award Categories
  • Application Method|
    Complete an entry sheet for (1) and (2) below and submit via e-mail.
    1. (1) Multiple choice survey on basic ESG initiatives
    2. (2) Self-nomination/recommendation with a free-form description of individual ESG initiatives
    • *The entry sheet (Excel file) will be sent separately from ARES via e-mail.
    • *Each J-REIT may submit one application, with the investment manager's initiatives also eligible for evaluation.
    • *(2) will be the subject of the award. Please include a response to (1) for the application, which will be used for the evaluation.
    • *ARES and the respondents must not disclose the response and feedback for (1) externally.
  • Award Categories|
    ARES ESG Awards will have "Good Action Award" (self-nomination) and "Best Recommendation Award" (recommendation) categories.
    For each category, winners will be selected for the "Environment," "Social," and "Governance" divisions.
  • Atsuko Kajiwara

    Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd.
    Managing Executive Officer
    Head of the Sustainable Finance Evaluation Group

    Atsuko Kajiwara

  • Keisuke Takegahara

    Development Bank of Japan Inc.
    Research Institute of Capital Formation
    Executive Director

    Keisuke Takegahara

  • Mariko Mabuchi

    Japan Research Institute of Financial and Economic
    Economic Analyst

    Mariko Mabuchi

Support for Program Design and Operation
Japan Research Institute, Limited.

The following items will be evaluated for the Award. The winners will be determined through deliberation by the judges.

  1. 1.Uniqueness
    Is the initiative highly unique with creative ingenuity?
    • Does the initiative reflect the features of the J-REIT in terms of its asset type, size, and culture?
  2. 2.Universality
    Is the initiative easy to reference for other J-REITs?
    • Would the initiative provide a role model for other J-REITs?
  3. 3.Continuity
    Does the initiative have a low risk of interruption? Is it not a one-off project?
    • Is there a plan with a high likelihood of achieving the goals?
    • Does the initiative not involve risks that may cause interruption?
  4. 4.Effectiveness
    Have appropriate effects been achieved towards the aim of the measure?
    • Is there a quantitative presentation of the aim and effect of the measure?
    • Does the measure make a significant contribution to the target?

ARES ESG AWARD 2023 schedule:

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