Awards for J-REITs' ESG Initiatives

ESG Awards

In light with heightened interest in ESG,
the ARES ESG Award was established to support J-REITs' ESG initiatives.

The award does not rank the J-REITs like existing external ratings and certification systems.
It aims to promote the development of J-REITs' ESG initiatives
by recognizing unique initiatives and sharing them widely inside and outside of the industry,
and ultimately to appeal the ESG initiatives by the J-REITs industry to the investors and the market.

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Purpose of the Award

  • 1.Boosting ESG initiatives by J-REITs*1
  • 2.Appeal the ESG initiatives by J-REITs*1 to the investors, etc.

Award Process

Multiple choice survey on basic ESG initiativesSelf-nomination/recommendation with free-form description of ESG initiatives
  • Feedback based on the survey*2
  • Awards based on
  • *1:Includes asset management companies of J-REITs. Click here to find out more about J-REITs.
  • *2:A feedback report will be sent to all applicants (Overall survey results and results for each issuer).
    We expect the contents to be useful for future initiatives, such as by confirming the positioning in the industry.
  • *3:Winners can use the logo mark of the award for public relations and other purposes.

Award categories

  • ARES ESG Awards will have "Good Action Award" and "Best Recommendation Award" categories.
  • For each category, winners will be selected for the "Environment," "Social," and "Governance" divisions.
Good Action Award
  • EGood Action Award,
    Environment Division
  • SGood Action Award,
    Social Division
  • GGood Action Award,
    Governance Division
Best Recommendation Award
  • EBest Recommendation Award,
    Environment Division
  • SBest Recommendation Award,
    Social Division
  • GBest Recommendation Award,
    Governance Division
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