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ARES Survey
ARES conducts the following surveys to find out the structure and size of real estate securitization market in Japan.
Survey of ARES Members on Real Estate Private Funds Questionnaire Survey on Real Estate Investment by Institutional Investors Research Study on General Business Companies' Attitude and Actions Regarding Real Estate Ownership
2006 - -  (2nd)
2007  (2nd)  (7th) -
2008  (3rd)  (8th)  (3rd)
2009  (4th)  (9th) -
2010  (5th)  (10th)  (4th)
2011  (6th)  (11th) -
2012  (7th)  (12th) -
2013  (8th)  (13th) -
2014  (9th)  (14th) -
2015  (10th)  (15th) -
2016 -  (16th) new -
The years in the leftmost column indicate when the survey was conducted.


Questionnaire Survey on Fund Procurement Environment for J-REITs

Working Paper

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