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History of the Association
1988 Dec. Establishment of the Study Council for Real Estate Securitization, the predecessor of the Council for Real Estate Syndication; membership made up of six companies (real estate etc.), the Ministry of Construction Economic Affairs Bureau, and the Housing Research & Advancement Foundation of Japan
1990 Sep. Council for Real Estate Syndication (CRES) established
1991 Aug. Establishment of the Association's voluntary rules, "Standard Items of Information for Small-Lot Real Estate Products"
1993 Oct. Establishment of proposed standard agreement (voluntary association type) for the real estate joint investment business
Nov. Establishment of "Real Estate Investment Victim Hotline: Dial 110"
Dec. Formation of "Committee for Preventing the Recurrence of Real Estate Investment Victimization"
1995 Mar. Adoption of standard contract for real estate syndication. Convening of "Explanatory Meeting About Enactment of Real Estate Syndication act" (jointly sponsored by five related organizations)
May Inaugural issue of Real Estate Joint Investment Handbook
1996 Nov. Establishment of "Japanese-style Real Estate Investment Fund Study Group"
1997 Aug. Publication of "Advice on Japanese-style Real Estate Investment Funds in the Asset Management Era"
1998 Dec. Establishment of "Study Committee for Real Estate Fund Products and the Real Estate Investment Consultation Industry"
1999 Nov. Formulation of "Conference Proposal for Reviewing the Standard Agreement, etc., Related to Real Estate Syndication act"
2000 Mar. Sponsoring of "Research Conference on Pension Asset Management"
Apr. First in a series of basic lectures on real estate securitization
2001 Apr. Establishment of "Complaint Consultation Center"
Dec. Establishment of "REIT Study Group" and "Investment Conduct Study Group"
2002 Jan. Establishment of "Systems Committee" and "Public Information Committee"
Establishment of "Study Group for Programs to Cultivate Personnel Related to Real Estate Investment Products"
Establishment of "Discipline and Ethics Study Committee"
Start of basic discussions with Zaidan Hojin Koei Hojin Kyokai about conversion to a corporate foundation
Feb. Convening of first working group for the establishment of a corporate foundation
Establishment of "Tax and Accounting Committee"
Nov. Convening of extraordinary general meeting of the Council for Real Estate Syndication (CRES) (to dissolve CRES and transfer its assets) and a general meeting for establishing the Association for Real Estate Securitization (to establish the Association as a corporate foundation and decide on the related application documents)
Submittal of application documents, for approval of the corporate foundation's establishment, to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Financial Services Agency
Dec. Approval of the Association for Real Estate Securitization granted
2003 Apr. Creation of independent behavior standards for members and establishment of "Discipline Committee"
May Establishment of "Market Trends Committee" and "Real Estate Securitization Tax System Research Committee," and creation of the data site, "J-REIT View," on the Association's website
Oct. The Real Estate Securitization Handbook received the Japan Association for Real Estate Sciences' "Special Prize."
Nov. For its activities over many years, the Association received the Japan Association for Planning and Administration's "Special Prize for Excellent Planning and Administration."
2004 Feb. Seminars on real estate securitization to activate regional economies were held in six locations nationwide
May Published Global REIT Market 2004
Nov. Launched the course for developing real estate securitization professionals
2005 May Published the Handbook on Real Estate Investment Trust (J-REIT) Establishment and IPOs
Sep. Held the First ARES Pension Fund Forum
2006 Apr. Publicly launched the certification system of ARES Certified Masters
Launched the ARES J-REIT Property Database service
Held the First ARES Master's Convention
Nov. Held the Second ARES Pension Fund Forum
Dec. Held NIKKEI Real Estate Finance Fair 2006
2007 Jan. Held the First CRE Management Forum
Mar. Held ARES Real Estate Investment Index Seminar 2007
Jul. Held the Second ARES Master's Convention
Sep. Held the First Forum for Building Up the Real Estate Investment Market that is Trusted by Investors
Nov. Held the Third ARES Pension Fund Forum
Held the Second ARES Real Estate Investment Index Seminar
Dec. Held NIKKEI Real Estate Finance Fair 2007
Held the Second CRE Management Forum
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