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History of the Association
1988 Dec. Establishment of the Study Council for Real Estate Securitization, the predecessor of the Council for Real Estate Syndication; membership made up of six companies (real estate etc.), the Ministry of Construction Economic Affairs Bureau, and the Housing Research & Advancement Foundation of Japan.
1990 Sep. Council for Real Estate Syndication (CRES) established.
1995 Mar. Adoption of standard contract for real estate syndication.
1997 Aug. Publication of "Advice on Japanese-style Real Estate Investment Funds in the Asset Management Era".
2001 Apr. Establishment of "Complaint Consultation Center".
2002 Dec. Council for Real Estate Syndication(CRES) dissolved and the Association for Real Estate Securitization(ARES) established as an incorporated association.
2003 Apr. Creation of Voluntary Standards of Counduct for members.
2006 Apr. ARES Certified Masters qualification system launched.
2011 Apr. Transition to the general incorporated association.
2012 Nov. Establishment of a framework for networking with institutional investor.
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