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1.  Research
ARES conducts advanced research on the overall business of real estate securitization. ARES also provides online J-REITs information sites and indices such as ARES Japan Property Index (AJPI) and ARES Japan Fund Index (AJFI).
2.  Policy recommendations
ARES submits comments and recommendations on the systems and policies related to real estate securitization to promote the sound development of real estate securitization product market.
3.  Developing guidelines and regulations
ARES instructs its members to comply with relevant laws and protect investors by developing guidelines, voluntary rules, etc.
4.  Complaints resolution support service
ARES has established the Claim Consultation Center and the voluntary code of conduct to support the swift resolution of complaints and disputes between ARES members and their customers.
5.  Information service and outreach
ARES offers a broad range of information and conducts outreach activities to help people develop an understanding of real estate securitization.
  • Issuing of various publications including the Real Estate Securitization Handbook and the association magazine, 'ARES Real Estate Securitization Journal'
  • Organizing seminars, forums and other events
6.  Education
ARES works on training programs for real estate securitization experts.
  • ARES Certified Masters qualification system
  • Compliance seminars for real estate investment managers
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